Master Closer Course
A No-Fail Process For Closing More Sales

In just two days, this course teaches and drills in the true essence of sales - not the gimmicky, high-pressure sales tactics prospects are often subjected to - which turn them off. Instead, the Master Closer Course is an interactive workshop, filled with drills and exercises to ensure you walk away with the necessary skills and confidence you need to turn your prospects into solid customers. It is designed for owners, sales managers and sales reps who want to hone their skills, gain confidence, and skyrocket their sales.

Learn How To:

  • Create buying interest
  • Properly use questions to engage and sell your prospects
  • Effectively communicate the benefits of your products and services
  • Spot precisely when the prospect is ready to be closed and skillfully close the deal
  • Resurrect a "dead" sale
  • Manage your time as a sales rep

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"I would say the thing I liked most about the course is all the interaction that takes place between the class and the instructor. I think it makes certain things a lot more understandable when you are able to compare them to real-life circumstances."

"I learned a lot about how you are supposed to progress through a sale. It's easy for us to get lazy and skip steps just to get as many quotes out as possible, but this class will teach you that being thorough throughout the process will be the best way to actually close more business."

"I've been in sales for 15 years. I wish I had these tools when I started. They really make closing deals much easier." - K.P.

"I thought I had seen every sales tool there is. Boy was I mistaken. The awareness scale is probably the best sales closing tool I've ever seen. It will help me get new business." - T.J.

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