Since 2001, Prosperity Plus Management Consulting, Inc. has helped business owners achieve their goals in terms of profitability, cash flow and growth. The company is licensed to deliver administrative, financial and marketing consulting based on the highly successful Hubbard® Management System which has been used among businesses worldwide and in just about every industry or profession you can imagine. That system, coupled with our own industry experience, has made hundreds of organizations saner, more productive and in many cases twice as profitable in less than year. 

Typical Results From Our Programs

Increased Profits  |  Improved Cash Flow  |  Growth in New Sales  |  More Productive and Effective Employees
Better Leadership Throughout the Organization  |  More Time Off  |  Greater Marketshare

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Dealership Analysis

Falling short of your profit objectives?  Looking for a roadmap to success? Our DAP will provide the roadmap you need.
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     "How to Make a Great Succession Plan" 
Do you have an exit strategy? What is your next chapter? We can help with exit strategies, succession plans, mergers/acquisitions and business valuations.

Do you want your team to have better presentations that are more compelling, more engaging? We can help right now with creative consultation that will make you win!
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